1×2 betting is something you will find in the world of soccer betting. The concept may sound simple, but you’ll have to think about how well you bet if you want to be a punter. There are many 1×2 betting tips that you can use when figuring out which bets are the most attractive. Explore this appealing betting option by joining the 8XBET bookmaker platform.

What Is 1×2 Betting?

1×2 betting is a common feature in football predictions. It entails a punter placing bets on one of three potential outcomes in a football match.

What Is 1x2 Betting?

Let’s break down the components of the 1×2 line:

1 – Home team

The “1” is situated on the left side of the line and symbolizes the home team.

X – Draw

The “X” is positioned in the middle and signifies the likelihood of a match ending in a draw.

2 – Away team

The right-hand segment represents the away team. You would select this option if you believe the away team will emerge victorious in the match.

Specific Example of 1X2 Bet

Here’s an illustration of how 1×2 betting operates. Let’s consider a match where Liverpool is hosting Leicester City. Liverpool is offered odds of 2.05 to win, while Leicester City’s odds are set at 2.60. Additionally, there’s a line at 3.05 indicating the probability of a draw.

The 1×2 betting line would be displayed as follows:

2.05 – 3.05 – 2.60

As Liverpool is the host team, they are listed on the left. Understanding the line’s dynamics is crucial, especially considering that the likelihood of a draw is typically lower than that of one of the teams winning.

Specific Example of 1X2 Bet

Here’s what you stand to win with a £20 bet on any of the outcomes in the Liverpool-Leicester City match:

  • Betting on Liverpool with odds of 2.05 would yield a return of £41, effectively doubling your initial stake.
  • Opting for Leicester City with odds of 2.60 would result in a return of £52, providing a £32 profit.
  • Choosing the draw option, with odds of 3.05, would generate a return of £61, granting a profit of £41.

1X2 betting tips

1X2 betting tips
  1. Team Analysis: Before placing your bet, delve into comprehensive research on the teams competing in the match. Scrutinize their recent performances, head-to-head matchups, injury reports, and other pertinent factors.
  2. Factor in Home Advantage: Take into account the influence of home advantage. Historically, home teams tend to outperform, so consider this aspect when making your betting choices.
  3. Stay Updated on Odds: Stay vigilant and closely monitor the odds provided by bookmakers. Significant fluctuations in odds can signal crucial information or betting trends that may impact your decision-making process.
  4. Grasp Draw Probability: Understand the probability of a draw based on the odds offered. In certain instances, a draw might emerge as the most probable outcome, particularly in evenly contested matches.
  5. Practice Sound Bankroll Management: Prioritize responsible bankroll management. Wager only what you can comfortably afford to lose and refrain from chasing losses.
  6. Track Market Trends: Keep a keen eye on prevailing betting trends and market shifts. This can furnish valuable insights into prevailing sentiments and the direction of smart money.
  7. Explore Diverse Betting Markets: Venture into alternative betting markets beyond the conventional 1X2 format, such as Asian Handicap or Over/Under goals, for potentially lucrative betting opportunities.
  8. Cultivate Objectivity in Betting: Guard against succumbing to emotional impulses when placing bets. Maintain objectivity and ground your betting decisions in thorough analysis and research rather than subjective biases or hunches.
  9. Seek Value in Bets: Seek out bets with positive expected value (+EV) grounded in your analysis. Value bets offer the prospect of sustainable profitability over the long haul.
  10. Maintain Betting Records: Establish a system for keeping detailed records of your bets. This enables you to evaluate your performance, identify areas for improvement, and refine your betting strategy over time.


1X2 stands out as one of the most appealing and widely used sports betting odds in today’s gambling landscape. While prominently featured in soccer betting, 1X2 bets also enjoy considerable popularity across various other sports.

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